This post contains a WinPE version list including the WinPE version, the Windows version, and the numeric Windows version string that it was built from. It covers all versions of WinPE from the initial Windows XP versions to the latest Windows 10 versions.

Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE or WinPE) is a lightweight version of Windows that is commonly used as part of Windows Deployment. Originally it was only available to large OEMs but is now publically available as part of the Windows Deployment kits like the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK). The most recent version at the time of writing is available in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 10.

When working in deployment with boot WIM files in MDT and ConfigMgr you will see many boot images on your travels. Usually these tools only show the Windows version string which that version of WinPE was built from. This doesn’t make it immediately apparent which version of Windows it is optimised to deploy or which drivers you are able to inject into that boot image.

WinPE Version List (Updated March 19, 2019)

The table below shows the main versions of WinPE that you will see in the wild, along with their WinPE version, the Windows version name, and the numeric Windows version string that it was built from.

WinPEWindowsWindows VersionNotes
1.0Windows XP5.1.2600.xFirst version of WinPE.
1.1Windows XP SP15.1.2600.x
1.2Windows Server 20035.2.3790.x
1.5Windows XP SP25.1.2600.xWindows PE 2004.
1.6Windows Server 2003 SP15.2.3790.xWindows PE 2005.
2.0Windows Vista6.0.6000.x
2.1Windows Server 20086.0.6001.x
2.2Windows Server 2008 SP26.0.6002.x
3.0Windows 76.1.7600.xWindows AIK 2.0.
3.1Windows 7 SP16.1.7601.xWindows AIK Supplement for Windows 7 SP1.
4.0Windows 86.2.9200.xWindows ADK (Windows Kits 8.0).
5.0Windows ADK (Windows Kits 8.1).
5.1Windows 8.1 Update 16.3.9600.xWindows ADK (Windows Kits 8.1 Update).
10 (1507)Windows 10 150710.0.10240.16384Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1507
10 (1511)Windows 10 151110.0.10586.0Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1511
10 (1607)Windows 10 160710.0.14393.0Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1607
10 (1703)Windows 10 170310.0.15063.0Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1703
10 (1709)Windows 10 170910.0.16299.15Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1709
10 (1803)Windows 10 180310.0.17134.1Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1803
10 (1809)Windows 10 180910.0.17763.1Windows ADK (Windows Kits 10.0) 1809