Scripting and Development

All deployment projects need a level of automation to succeed. This automation is usually achieved by some level of scripting or bespoke development. AutoIt Consulting have extensive experience in writing  scripts and tools for a variety of situations.

Scripting is commonly used in one or more of the the following areas:

  • Windows build and image creation
  • Windows deployment
  • User state migration (data migration)
  • Login scripts
  • General administration

Common scripting languages used for this include:

  • VBScript / HTAs
  • Powershell
  • AutoIt
  • C++
  • C# / .NET Framework
  • Batch files

AutoIt Consulting has years of experience writing bespoke scripts for enterprise customers and their deployment projects. In addition, we are able to draw on the vast experience gained from writing the popular freeware utilities such as AutoIt, GImageX, VDIOptimizer, Logoff Screensaver, and various other tools. This experience allows us to provide a level of development knowledge rarely found in infrastructure consultancy. This ability to understand both the infrastructure world and the development world provides the customer with a unique resource for their projects.