Windows Image Engineering

For large-scale deployment projects a master Windows image is usually used. This image is then deployed to thousands of machines using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), ConfigMgr or other methods. Getting the master image right is critical.

Although it is possible to run a full Windows setup on each target machine during deployment this is not efficient does not scale. Instead, a master or ‘gold’ image is usually created in advance that contains customer-specific settings and software preconfigured so that it can be rapidly deployed to many machines at once. The better your master image, the less work required on each workstation at deployment time, and the quicker the rollout can progress.

As the master image will be deployed onto each workstation it is critical that it is fit for purpose. The master image build process should be automated with MDT or ConfigMgr so that human error is removed from the process.

AutoIt Consulting can help with all types of Windows Image Engineering tasks, including:

  • Guidance around the use of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK), MDT and ConfigMgr for image creation.
  • Guidance on the settings that should be present in the master image.
  • ‘Fat’ versus ‘thin’ images. What software should you include in the image, and what software should be installed post-deployment?
  • Driver management.
  • Scripting and bespoke development for fully automating build creation.