Windows Performance Tuning

Windows 7 runs great out of the box in most cases. But what about after you install all the applications and settings required for your enterprise? We can benchmark your hardware to determine its potential and then use tools such as the Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) to see how your enterprise master build compares.

AutoIt Consulting has experience in using the Windows Performance Toolkit (sometimes called xperf) and the SysInternals suite to understand what processes are damaging the performance of a Windows build and what can be done to improve things.

In addition, we can also help tuning Windows 7 for specific environments such as VDI. In a VDI environment there are a number of out-of-the-box configurations that work well on physical hardware but can cause issues on a virtual host. The VDIOptimizer can help get a headstart on some of these performance tweaks or we can help directly.