This blog post will show you how to sequence AutoIt using App-V 4.6 SP1 (the latest version at the time of writing). Now, AutoIt is probably the easiest application to sequence in the world and doesn’t really need a blog post describing how to do it. However, I intend to write some more posts around using App-V in System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 2007 for deployment and upgrades so a nice easy to follow recipe for an application that is free should be useful.

For sequencing I’ll be using Windows XP SP3 and creating a package that can be used on all later operating systems. I’ve set up the Windows XP machine as per the recommendations in App-V 4.6 SP1 Sequencing Guide – essentially all AV has been turned off, Windows update is off, and the App-V 4.6 SP1 sequencer has been installed. In my case the App-V sequencer machine is a Hyper-V virtual machine so that I can use snapshots to quickly get it back to a clean state.


  1. Download the AutoIt full installer from this page.
  2. Run the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.
  3. Select Create a New Virtual Application Package.
  4. Select Create Package (default).
  5. On the Prepare Computer screen check that there are no warnings (Windows Defender is running, etc.) and then click Next.
  6. Select Standard Application (default) and click Next.
  7. At the Select Installer screen browse to the AutoIt installer (it should be something like ‘autoit-v3.3.14.2-setup.exe’) and then click Next.
  8. In the Package Name screen enter the name AutoIt v3 as the package name. Note that this automatically generates the ‘Primary Virtual Application Directory’ of Q:\AutoIt v3. (in App-V 4.6 you no longer have to use 8.3 filenames so this automatically generated name is OK). Click Next.
  9. The AutoIt installer will start. Use the defaults for all installation questions except for the installation folder which must be changed to match the Primary Virtual Application Directory of Q:\AutoIt v3.
  10. At the end of installation deselect Show release notes and then click Finish.
  11. Back in the App-V sequencer, select I am finished installing and then click Next.
  12. Select the following tasks to run: AutoIt Window Info, Compile Script to .exe, Run Script, SciTE Script Editor. Then click Run Selected.
  13. Close down all the launched applications then back in the App-V Sequencer click Next.
  14. Review the Installation Report and then click Next.
  15. We need to customize the package a little so select Customize and then click Next.
  16. Remove shortcuts as required for your corporate environment and then click Next. I would recommend removing ‘AutoIt v3 Website’ and ‘Check for Updates’.
  17. At the Prepare for Streaming page run the same applications as shown in step 12, close them after launch, and then click Next.
  18. Select Allow this package to run on any operating system and then click Next. (In theory, you could also create a specific 64-bit package as the AutoIt installer only installs 64-bit components when installed on a 64-bit machine, but the 32-bit version is fine for 99% of cases).
  19. Select Save the package now and Compress Package and click Create. Optionally enter the version name in the comments field.
  20. Click Close and you’re done!