When configuring ConfigMgr 2007 Operating System Deployment (OSD) there are an endless number of applications, operating system images, operating system install files, drivers, source files, package files, temp files. Everytime I set it up I end up with a different structure so this blog post presents an example ConfigMgr 2007 OSD folder structure that can be used for general application and operating system deployment files. This post will be updated as I get better ideas and suggestions on how to organise things – but the main issue is that there is no ‘right’ way of organising files that everyone can agree on so this is as good a place as any!

File Share

First I create a single share with the following properties:

Share NameConfigMgr_SWStore$I use $ just to make the share hidden from casual browsing.
Share SecurityEveryone: Full Control
NTFS SecuritySYSTEM: Full ControlAdministrators: Full ControlConfigMgr Site Servers: ModifyConfigMgr Network Access Account: ModifyI usually create a group containing the computer accounts of the ConfigMgr site servers which makes applying permissions easier. Also, the Network Access Account (configured in the Computer Client Agent properties) will require access during OSD.Depending on your security polcies you may also wish to remove users from accessing this share.

Folder Structure

Then create a folder structure as shown in this image:

The top level folders are split into Apps, OSD and Updates.

Apps Folder

Apps \ App-V
The main folder for App-V related files.
Apps \ App-V \ Source
App-V source packages used when first importing the application into ConfigMgr.
Apps \ App-V \ PackagesThe resulting App-V package Data Source.
Apps \ NativeNative packages (Data Source for MSIs, .exes, batch files, etc.)
Apps \ Native \ Microsoft \ Office 2010 Pro
Apps \ Native \ Adobe \ Reader X

OSD Folder

OSD \ Install
Operating System Install Packages (full set of source files with setup.exe used for creating the reference image).
OSD \ Install \ Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1
OSD \ Install \ Windows 7 Enterprise x86 SP1
OSD \ ImageOperating System Image (.wim) files – the reference images – used for deployment.
OSD \ UnattendUnattend.xml files and packages used for customizing deployment.
OSD \ CaptureTemporary location used for storing the reference image during capture. After capture move the resulting image file into the Image folder.
OSD \ DriversDevice drivers.
OSD \ Drivers \ SourceSource files for device drivers used when importing drivers into the ConfigMgr interface.
OSD \ Drivers \ PackagesResulting driver packages (Data Source).
OSD \ ToolsSource files for tool packages such as MDT or USMT.
OSD \ Tools \ USMTSource files for the User State Migration Toolkit (USMT).
OSD \ Tools \ MDT_ToolkitSource files for the User State Migration Toolkit (USMT).
OSD \ Tools \ MDT_CustomSettingsMDT CustomSettings.ini files.

Updates Folder

Folder for storing Software Updates packages.
Updates \ All Updates 2010
Example package.
Updates \ All Updates 2011Example package.

Here is a zip file of the entire folder structure you can use as a template: ConfigMgr_SWStore.zip